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Access your student loan account or sign up for account access through the Great Lakes higher education Corporation at www.mygreatlakes.org. Once logged into your account you will be able to view loan details and access all kinds of helpful information about student loans.

Account access grants you the ability to manage your student loans by making payments, viewing loan details and managing your overall account. The Great Lakes higher education Corporation website will allow you to learn how you can make payments, consider loan consolidation learn all your loan forgiveness options and much more.

Any time you pursue higher education, you are investing in your future. The same goes with any investment, it requires careful planning much effort and all the resources one can acquire to make an informed decision. Great Lakes is dedicated to make sure that you make smart choices about your education and future. Great Lakes will do what they can to help you succeed by checking in on you once in a while.


Their goal is to help support you in planning your future education, and they will be there every step of the way as you take out your student loans. Their goal is to help you understand how much you have borrowed and the best way to manage your student loan debt. Then, after you graduate, MyGreatLakes will help you create a personal plan to successfully pay back all of your student loans.

Some of the key features found at www.mygreatlakes.org include how to get income driven repayment, learn how to make a payment and the top six ways to reduce what you owe. Their knowledge center breaks current students down into jobhunting and career decisions for those were currently in school. Helping once to choose a path to repayment, this is geared towards former students who are repaying student loans. Finally the site touches on the parents of a student who is working to pay back their student loans.

To get all these answers and more, you’ll want to log in and manage your account. You will find help with understanding your bill, knowing what your loan options are, general help with your student loans and help for those who are in the military.

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  1. Hi Kathy – Once again I think you’ve sized up the big picture for what it really is. On loan forgiveness, I think it needs to be partial. Set caps for loans going forward, then forgive the amount that exceeds this on existing loans. The people who took these loans were largely led into them by the System, and should be at least partially forgiven. I know that it’s not popular to blame the system for individual mistakes, but I saw this happen in the mortgage business. Instead of bailing out homeowners, the government bailed out the banks that held the mortgages. If that isn’t elitist I don’t know what is! Holding people to unsustainable debt balances is Elitism 101, and harks back to Medieval Europe (put people in debt and make sure they never get out).

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