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Burger King has created an online survey at www.mybkexperience.com to retrieve valuable feedback from their visiting customers to help them achieve better experiences for all their valuable customers. You will need to visit the official website where you will be asked to enter some information and then asked a series of questions about your most recent BKexperience. Once you have completed the brief survey you will be given a validation code where you will be able to redeem for Burger King items.

Located on your recent receipt you will need to input the restaurant number located on the front top corner. You will then be asked to enter the state, date, and time of your visit. After you have completed that portion of the questionnaire you will be asked a series of questions regarding this specific visit to Burger King and the experience you had while there.

Try to be as honest and candid as you can when answering the questions, this is valuable information they are gathering to create better experiences for their customers. They will ask questions about your satisfaction with the restaurant, the food items purchased and your over all experience from this visit. Once you have completed the quick survey, you will be given a validation code that can be used to redeem an item from the BK menu. There will be different offers for different locations, this is a simple ‘Thank You’ for taking time out of your schedule to complete the questionnaire.



BKexperience 2

If you have any questions or wish to contact Burger King you can do so at www.BK.com/contactus where you will be put in touch with Guest Relations and they will get back to you in a timely manner.

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3 Comments on "www.mybkexperience.com – Burger King Guest Survey"

  1. Store No. 20039 on Wed June 24, 2015 at 11:44 AM.

    This particular Burger King was extremely busy, the line was too long, the TV is turned on showing car racing and baseball game from two TVs at the same time that was disturbing to the workers as well as to the customers, instead of calming every one down, it would give every one a head ache and make all more nervous and give all a headache.

    Never seen any thing like this except in Bars and this is not a bar.
    It is the worse Burger King I have ever been in.

    If you want my advice, Let them turn it on a soft music where it would be pleasant to the hearing sense and make the workers work rhythmically and more efficiently.

    we don’t come to eat at BK to destroy our hearing sense. Hopefully you will take my advice with appreciation and gratitude and the steps to correct it.

    By for now.


  2. Ivory Pickett | June 25, 2015 at 2:32 pm | Reply

    I was in the drive thru at the Burger King on West Pinhook 13468 ON 06/23/15 in lAFAYETTE,lA.My HOST WAS CECILLA.I let them know that my nuggets wasn’t fully cooked.I returned them and instead of giving me fresh nuggets,they refried the old uncooked nuggets.I didn’t get any appologe from the manager nor did the manager come and speak to me.I’m at that Burger King all the time.I will no longer go into that Burger King and I will also let all my family and friends know not to go to that Burger King!!!!

  3. At 12:15 on 10/1 I went thru the drive thru for chicken nuggets for my grandson and a side salad for myself. At the window I received no sauce after requesting it previously. The person seemed annoyed but gave me two after such information for them. When I got home there was no salad dressing after also previously asking for ranch. Called the store to talk to the manager. She pretended to have a bad phone connection so I hung up and called back. She again said she could not hear what I was saying and that the call was breaking up. This time I could clearly hear laughter in her voice and people around her. This really annoyed me because all I wanted was my dressing which turned into something much bigger for me. Had to call another Bk to find out how to handled this situation. The only phone number on the receipt was to location I had the problem with. After going on line I was able to find a phone number and talk to a customer service rep to file a complaint. Don’t know how this will be handled by Bk. That manager problem knew and that’s why she laughed.

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