OCharleys Restaurant Survey

Take the O’Charleys Restaurant and Bar Guest satisfaction survey at www.myocharleysexperience.com for a validation code that can be used to read deem the offer printed on your survey invitation. Leave your candid feedback, as it is much appreciated and taken into consideration.

The survey is brief and is mostly multiple choice question and answer. You will however, be given the opportunity to leave specific details regarding your latest visit in open text boxes. If you are a frequent visitor to O’Charleys restaurant and bar, you should take the opportunity to complete the online survey and receive your validation code for a free offer.


Surveys allow companies and franchises to touch base with their customers to really understand supply and demand as well as their companies overall score among regular customers. The information provided through these surveys allows a change in customer service, cleanliness, store locations, menu items and product availability and much more.

To take the online O’Charleys survey, first visit myocharleysexperience survey. You will need a valid receipt or survey invitation with the required serial number. Enter the serial number in the required boxes of the survey. Next you will enter the name of your server and then click start. Continue through the survey answering questions completely and honestly. Upon completion, you will then be given a validation code that can be used to redeem the offer which is printed on your survey invitation on your next visit to an O’Charleys restaurant and bar.


  1. Visit Myocharleysexperience.com
  2. Have a Valid Invitation or Receipt
  3. Enter Required Serial Number
  4. Enter Server Name
  5. Click Start
  6. Answer Each Question Completely and Honestly
  7. Finish Survey to Receive Validation Code
  8. Right Validation Code on Survey Invitation for a Free Offer during Your Next Visit to O’Charleys Restaurants
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5 Comments on "OCharleys Restaurant Survey"

  1. food and service were great. always enjoy dinning at O’ Charley’s

  2. Me, my husband, and my daughter and son-in-law ate at o’charleys in Paducah,ky this afternoon 8/31/15 at 5:09 to be exact, we were seated at table 96, in the bar I sat by the window the blinds were so dusty, you could almost see it blow off, the shades on the lights above the tables were the same. to some they may not even see this but, it was so obvious to me, I just had to say something, the food was great, service was great, but I lost my appetite thinking that dust is either blowing on or falling on my food, I have been going to o’charleys to eat for years I had not idea, until tonight the dust that was floating around me, I just thought this might be something you needed a heads up on, before inspection time, or whatever is done. thank you for your time, hope it helps..

  3. we visited your restaurant on 8/21/15 at 8:00pm we were given wait period of approx 15 minutes. looking around there were plenty of table open with no one at them. and there were people waiting to be seated. after being seated we were not given attention or drinks for over 10 minutes. Then after finally taken our order, we ran out of drinks and had to flag down a manager who ask what was needed then, still did not get drinks for another 10 minutes. Our server never returned to our table during our entire meal. We only had refill one time. This was the worse service we have ever had anywhere. Very sad since we spent 80.00 on our check and even left appropriate time for waitress. Who by no means deserved any of it. Very upset and no sure if will return to this place again. that is alot of money to spend and no get service. We were seated in back corner no one else in area for about 10 minutes of more and waiting to be greeted was terrible. very sad My husband and I do not get to go out much and we took our family out for dinner on this date and then it was terrible, I really wanted to say something then but decided I would wait until I could cool down some. I did not get receipt with survey on bottom so this is the only way I could send my comments to anyone. can be reach at 502939XXXX thanks so much

  4. I love o’charleys

  5. We eat at O’Charlies once a week one of our favorite places to go.

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