My Pasco Connect Login Platform

My Pasco connect is a login portal for Pasco County schools in Florida. It’s a single login platform for anyone involved with the Florida County schools. This includes students, teachers and even parents. The benefits are great and make online access easier than ever. Follow simple guidelines to get the most from this portal as follows.


Sometimes it can be frustrating having to remember usernames and passwords, especially for school. This would include your login information for Office 365, myPGS, myStudent and myLearning. If you forget your login information and can’t log on, you might miss homework assignments or distance learning lessons. For teachers, you might miss grading deadlines and other work-related tasks.  



Benefits of MyPasco.Connect 

MyPascoConnect is helpful because it eliminates the problem of having to remember too many usernames and passwords for students, teachers and parents. This type of program is called a single sign on service. After you login for the first time, you can customize your my PascoConnect account according to your preferences. You can even make changes to the color theme. This will change the color of the toolbar you see as well as your folders and menu words. Changing your wallpaper is also a customization option that you can access at any time. 


Which Internet Browser Should You Use? 

Everyone knows that there are many different types of internet browsers available. But you may be wondering whether the type of internet browser you’re using affects myPasco Connect. The truth is that Google Chrome is the best internet browser. You can still use other browsers but your experience while interacting with the program might change. It’s possible that you’ll be asked to download and install an extension to fully access the program.  


Logging into for the First Time 

The first screen that you see when you’re trying to log onto myPascoConnect is a screen with student photos and a large blue button in the middle of the screen that says, “Sign in to mPascoConnect”. When you click on it, it will say “Processing”. Then you will be redirected to a screen that will ask you for your username and password. On this screen you will also see helpful information in case you forget your username and password. For teachers and other staff members, the phone number for the tech help desk is provided. Students struggling to log in are encouraged to ask their teacher or parent for assistance retrieving their information from the myStudent parent portal. 


The first time a “my student” uses the Portal they will see a notification that says, “Digital Resource Access”. This box will ask the student to check three boxes to accept and acknowledge understanding of the listed documents. These documents include the Office Student Planner, Student Code of Conduct, and the Responsible Electronic Use Agreement for Students. That is the only time the student will ever see that screen. 


When logging in for the first time you will receive a prompt to verify your password. It will appear as a small box in the middle of your computer screen. Here, you will enter your password twice, once per box. The first time will be to set your password and the second time will be to verify the password. This may seem a bit inconvenient, but don’t worry, this prompt will only pop up once. After you verify your password you are redirected to the launchpad. 


The MyPasco Connect Launchpad 

Once you’re on the launchpad, you will see several applications preloaded onto the Student’s account. This likely includes applications like Pearson, myLearning and Discovery Education. Some applications will require their individual logins. Teachers can add applications to the student launchpad. For you some applications will require you to log in the first time so that my password connect can store your credentials. When students are logging onto newly added applications, for example, for the first time they’ll need to enter their login information. After the first time, the student can save their login so that they will not have to enter it in every time in the future. Teachers can also do this for the students if they are concerned about students not being able to enter their login information for new apps.  



For problems with future logins or additional information visit the district tech help desk. Another option is to call the office for Technology and Information Services SharePoint. You notice several “my” branded applications on your launchpad. These are Pasco branded applications that serve many different purposes. For example, myStudent. You or your student may have heard this referred to as Focus before. The application called myStudent is the replacement. 


Office 365 

 Office 365 gives you online access to many different services, such as emai,l documents, calendars and other collaboration services that Microsoft offers. You are free to explore the apps available through Office 365 launcher. Microsoft calls this the waffle. Here you can find several additional services since way in one note 

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