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Access your client account with MyDivorcePapers by using Simply use the tab marked as ‘Client Login’ located on the upper right corner of the portal to get to the login page. Once redirected to the proper page, type in your email address and password to their corresponding fields and use the yellow ‘Log in’ button to continue to your account. Logging in to your account will give you access to special tools and features such as the child support calculator, full video library on divorce, free parenting plan, alimony calculator, and much more.

MyDivorce Papers is one of the leading online divorce services. It has attorney-approved programs, it provides easy-to-follow instructions, and it helps clients save money & time. The company treats each client’s privacy with utmost respect and protection – so everyone can feel safe about providing sensitive information. The online divorce interview only takes a few minutes to complete; you just have to answer a few questions and the My Divorce Papers staff will create the necessary documents for you. Find out more about the service on


How Does It Work on MyDivorcePapers

If you want to take advantage of this top-rated online divorce service, kindly follow the indicated steps below:

  1. Create an Account – complete the registration process online, pay the small fee, gather your papers and be ready to get a divorce.
  2. Answer the Questions – answer each of the questions during the online interview and your papers will be completed for you.
  3. File the Documents – print My Divorce Papers state-approved completed forms, and file them in court.

Divorce law may vary from one state to another. A list of states is provided on the bottom area of the page for your convenience. If you live in Florida, just use the link that says ‘Florida’ to get to the proper page and download the forms you need. Here, you can get the facts about your state’s divorce law and all other related information.

For questions related to price, please refer to the tab marked as ‘Pricing’ to get the information you need. For answers to common questions, you may find them on the ‘Help Center’ section. Legal Resources and Glossary may also be found there. For all other concerns, you may speak with a specialist by calling 1-800-604-2860. You may also follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to keep updated about the company.

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