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Log into your clincard account from GreenPhire technology company by visiting the card holder account page at You will be able to manage compensation and reimbursement owed to you from participating clinical trials. Your card will be activated as soon as the first deposit is made into your cards account.

You can use your Clin Card for in-store purchases by selecting either the credit or debit option. If you choose to select the debit option it will require that you use a pin number. You can also use your Clincard to make online purchases as well as get cash from ATM machines, once again requiring a pin number. In order to get a cash advance from a bank you will need to know your available balance, then let the teller know how much you would like to withdrawal. Keep in mind that tellers are unable to check the balance of your clincard. You will need to present the bank teller with your sign clincard and a valid government issued photo ID. The clincard is accepted anywhere that MasterCard member banks are located.


Make sure to sign the back of the card when you receive it, immediately. You can begin using the card by selecting the credit option in store or for online purchases. Using it as a credit card does not require the use of a pin number. If you want to use your clincard as a debit card, you will need to set your pen by calling customer service at 1-866-952-3795.

To log into your my clincard account you will need to visit and register an account if you do not currently have one. You’ll need to enter your 16 digit card number as well as a unique username and password. A valid email address is required. Once this information has been correctly entered, click the register account button.

Your card cannot be reloaded by anyone other than the research site who provided the card to you. No bank can reload the card with cash or a fund transfer from your bank account. There are no fees for using your clincard for online or in-store purchases, getting cash, calling the automated system for balance inquiries, calling customer service number to speak to a live agent, or adding additional funds to the card. If you do not use the card within six months, you will and current a monthly fee. ATM withdrawals may incur a fee based on the location of the ATM.

If you wish to make purchases that are more expensive than the balance of your card, you’ll need to inform the cashier that the card does not hold enough funds to cover the purchase price, you will then need to pay the remaining balance of the item using other means. If your clincard is lost, stolen or damaged you want to notify your point of contact at the study site so that they may be able to replace it for you at no charge.

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  1. I find it hard to get into my account to check on things. This has been going on for nearly 2 yrs. Once I did get in by accident and found no current information, so that wasn’t helpful at that time. My research people have to give me that information when I visit them. Odd don’t you think? I have called in to the office and they helped me start over, That didn’t help.

  2. I call my clincard and it dose not give me the full amount

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