Campbell’s myHR Portal

Log in to your employee account with Campbells by using Just type in your username and password to their respective fields and use the ‘Sign In’ button to proceed to your account. In the event that you forget your password, please use the appropriate link to get help. If you want to unlock your account, use the right link to be able to do so. From here, you can choose to send the code via text message or email. For further assistance, you can use the ‘Help’ link to access the FAQ and How-To information for logging in.

Through, people who work for the Campbell’s corporation are able to manage their HR information like requesting time off, viewing old pay stubs, changing their tax exemptions and more. However, this portal is only accessible to the company’s employees and retirees. It cannot be accessed by anyone who doesn’t fall under those two categories. In fact, it can be punishable by local laws if you try to access it.


How to Contact Support on MyHRCampbells Portal

You can call 1-800-829-5911 to speak with someone from the organization or use the ‘Help’ link. From there, you can get more help from the company through these links:

  • Request help
  • Send feedback
  • Report a bug

Just use the appropriate link to get to the proper page. Moreover, if you want to report a security issue, please use the ‘Send feedback’ link under ‘More Help’. Type in your email address, and from the ‘What do you need help with?’ section, choose ‘Report a potential security issue’. After doing so, you may enter your message on the space provided and use the ‘Send Message’ button to submit it.

More About My HR Campbells

From this portal, Campbell employees can find information that they need from their local HR rep. This is also where they can request a hint for their passwords in case they forget it.

Campbell’s Soup was established in 1869 in Camden, New Jersey. The company now sells its products to over 120 countries across the globe. It has around 18,000 employees and an annual revenue of $7 billion.


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